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Some small business owners view accountants as an unnecessary expense. I know this because I used to be one of those small business owners. However, all of that changed when I realised that my business account didn't balance. I realised that I did not have the skills to do the numbers anymore so I called in an accountant and asked him to go over the books. He was a real pro and I decided that I needed him on my team. Since hiring the accountant, I have learnt just how important the work they do can be to a small business.


Are You Vulnerable to a Tax Audit?

6 November 2018
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Does your heart skip a beat whenever you see an official letter in your mailbox? If it is obviously from the ATO, then this may make your mouth dry as well, as you wonder why they are writing to you at this time. More often than not the answer is quite mundane, but sometimes this form of communication may be the trigger for a full audit. How can you be prepared for this eventuality and, more importantly, make sure that don't worry yourself to death in the meantime? Read More …

Setting Up A New Business? Welcome To The World Of Taxes!

1 November 2018
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If you think that tax is an intrusive part of life as a humble employee, then you may need to broaden your horizons if you're thinking about setting up in business for yourself. You need to look at these impositions in a completely new light and understand a whole new range of three-letter acronyms. While your obligations cannot be underestimated as a new entrepreneur, you shouldn't let such a challenge deter you from your new adventure. Read More …

Do You Need Tax Advice Before You Get Married?

29 October 2018
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You may feel that planning for being married should be all about the romance, but you have practical stuff to think about too. For example, it's important to have a handle on your finances at this stage of life. This can raise a lot of questions. Does marriage affect your taxes? Will you sell one of your current homes and move into the other? If you've never been married before, you may not know the answers to these kinds of questions. Read More …

Financial Ratios and What They Mean for Newbie Managers

26 October 2018
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One of the responsibilities of top-level management is to make finance-related decisions that will drive the organisation to the next level. You need to understand investments, spending, cashflow, and risk management among other things. This can be difficult for someone who has not taken any finance classes or worked closely with the finance department. You need to get a few tricks up your sleeves by learning jargon such as accounting ratios. Read More …

How to Avoid the 3 Most Common Mistakes Which People Make in Connection to their Taxes

25 October 2018
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The tax season is usually one of the busiest times in the business year of Australian businesses. A good number of large businesses understand the importance of responsible accounting and, therefore, they hire professional accountants to do their taxes for them. However, small and middle sized business enterprises often overlook issues related to taxes and at times even end up making mistakes which could lead to audits from the government and even liabilities. Read More …